Negotiating and Buying ERP

There is plenty of information on how to pick and implement software, but there isn't a lot of information on how you can negotiate and buy the software. There are some that may spend thousands for more than they actually need to. Those who actually know the trade, can even save enough to purchase ERP modules or plenty on their implement costs. The first thing to think about is timing. Whenever you purchase the system is the key. Just like this article, as it's being written the clock is Read More

What is ERP? A Quick Guide

Information technology has brought about great changes in our personal lives and business. Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP as it is often referred, is the most popular business management software platform incorporated and widely adopted in many organizations. Here, let’s understand the key concepts in ERP. Let’s start with the basics: what is ERP? What is ERP? The acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP covers business strategies and software to execute ERP systems. Read More


What is Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a planning to use enterprise resources in order to fulfill the enterprise objectives in the best way that is possible. Although, ERP has come to be something that isn't that ambitious. It just means integrating more than two separate applications. The integration is done by using multiple hardware and software components. An ERP system can have Document management, Paper capture, Financials, HR, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Sales in various Read More